Important Tips To Remember When Selecting The Best Yellow Diamond Ring

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Choosing the next diamond to add to your exquisite collection can just be as meticulous as choosing another investment- say real estate. This is because these two forms of investment involve a significant amount of funds involved and are also both expected to project higher value in the future.Light Yellow (W-X) Diamond Ring, 1.55 Ct. (2.09 Ct. TW), Pear shape, GIA Certified, 1156970998

But it is not just about investments, collecting diamond jewelry can just be as fulfilling for your personal gains as well. For example, don’t you think having your own personal stash of diamond jewelry is such an achievement?

It can be fun just as it can feel fulfilling. And amongst your collection, we highly recommend adding a piece of yellow diamond- like a yellow diamond ring from a notable jewelry house like Astteria for a bit of sunshine in your jewelry box.Important Tips To Remember When Selecting The Best Yellow Diamond Ring 18

Why Are Yellow Diamond Rings In Demand?

It has been long known that certain colors of diamonds only originate from one place or two at most. This gives a limitation to their supply as when the main mine closes, it would be difficult to find a new location to harvest more.

This does not apply to yellow diamonds as they can be mined from anywhere in the world. Curious? This has got something to do with how the yellow diamond is perceived in the jewelry industry.

The color yellow in a diamond is actually seen as a defect, and as such, where colorless diamonds are found, there is a huge percentage that yellow diamonds can also be mined.

However, this varies from case to case, and a number of other elements, including the diamond’s provenance, the 4Cs, and the overall piece of jewelry it is affixed to, are all taken into account when deciding its price.Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring, 4.10 Ct. (6.61 Ct. TW), Oval shape, GIA Certified, 3355307020

Yellow diamonds are considered less rare than most of its other colored siblings but a natural yellow colored diamond is still very rare, adding to its value.

Buy A Yellow Diamond Ring With These Tips In Mind

Thinking of buying a yellow diamond ring? Here are some considerations to help you find the best one!Light Yellow (Y-Z) Diamond Ring, 2.00 Ct. (3.36 Ct. TW), Cushion shape

Yellow Diamond Ring Price

The value of jewelry pieces with yellow diamonds can be tricky. They are certain stones that can cost less than colorless diamonds particularly, if the color of the yellow diamond is very faint or almost clear but with a hint of yellow tone. Those who cost more are usually the vivid yellow colored diamonds or those that possess a deep, warm yellow tone.

Yellow diamonds, however, can be expected to cost significantly less than the other colored diamonds available in the market. But of course, you should still always take into consideration the basic metrics that diamond grading is based on- the 4Cs.

Get A Graded Yellow Diamond Ring

It can be tempting to just buy a yellow diamond ring presented to you, but in reality, there are several things to consider before you make the purchase. One of them is to check if the diamond is graded.Important Tips To Remember When Selecting The Best Yellow Diamond Ring 22

This ensures that the diamond jewelry went under proper checking and classification and has a GIA certification to identify its authenticity.

Buy From Reputable Jewelry Stores

We cannot stress this enough- but making your purchase from a known and trusted jewelry brand such as Astteria can make your purchase all the more worth it. This is because you are guaranteed to receive a yellow diamond ring that is made only from the best quality and beautifully curated.No photo description available.

Final Thoughts On Yellow Diamond Rings

Getting a unique piece of jewelry like a yellow diamond ring does not have to be expensive. The key is to work with your chosen jeweler and choose the best and most ideal piece for you.

The color yellow signifies happiness and with that being said, this should be the feeling you get when you finally get your hands on a beautiful yellow diamond ring.


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