10 Beautiful Nature-Inspired Engagement Rings

by in — Updated April 4, 2017

Are you getting engaged and looking for the perfect nature-inspired ring? These rings (most of them from talented Etsy artisans) range from ultra-earthy to having just a touch of botanical beauty. Many of these designers will work with you to create a custom ring, if you are inspired by one of the designs here but have an idea to make it your own. Though most are set with diamonds, there are so many elegant stones that can work for engagement rings, such as blue or white sapphires, emeralds, white topaz, or even pearls. These days, any stone and any setting can work as long as it comes with a proposal! I highly suggest you take a look at the Etsy shops of these artists and designers ( by following the links below) – more inspiration awaits!

es designs
Anjays Designs
Beth Cyr
valerie k studio engagement rings
peaces of indigo white sapphire
brilliant earth and art masters
kristin coffin

10 Beautiful Nature-Inspired Engagement Rings 3

1) ES Designs  2-3) Anjays Designs  4) Beth Cyr  5-6) Valerie K Studio  7) Peaces of Indigo  8.) Brilliant Earth  9) Art Masters  10) Kristin Coffin

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  2. I like some of your rings but you don’t have any prices on them

    • Hi Wanda, we don’t sell these rings on our site, we’re simply featuring them for inspiration. You can click on any of the links at the bottom of the post to learn more about the individual rings. Thanks for stopping by!


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