Wedding Flower Inspiration: Lisianthus

by in — Updated July 18, 2013

When this flower blooms to its fullest it can easily be mistaken for a rose, but lisianthus (say liz-ee-AN-thus) is a much hardier flower. Despite its delicate appearance, it flourishes in hot grasslands of the United States and Mexico and, once cut, can last up to a few weeks in an arrangement. The ruffled bell-shaped blooms are commonly available in white, purple, and pink (and sometimes two-toned). One of the things I love about them most is their beautiful, long-stemmed, almond-shaped buds, which add a naturally rustic and romantic look to any wedding bouquet. Their tall stems make for elegant additions to bouquets and centerpieces and (as seen in the fourth picture below) can even be woven into a breathtaking wreath which would look stunning on the barn doors at a barn wedding reception. See more flower inspiration in our flower gallery.

rustic white lisianthus bouquet
purple lisianthus bouquet
white wedding wreath
rustic lisianthus bouquet
white lisianthus rustic bouquet
pink lisianthus bouquet
cascading lisianthus bouquet
lisianthus boutonniere
white rustic bridal bouquet

Wedding Flower Inspiration: Lisianthus 3

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