Wedding Flower Inspiration: Lilac

by in — Updated January 25, 2013

These have long been one of my favorite spring flowers! I used to make centerpieces of fresh cut lilacs from my mother’s garden as a girl. A member of the olive family and harbingers of spring, lilacs flatter with whimsical blooms and a divine scent. They will add a beautiful sweet floral aroma to your bouquet and are most commonly dark or light purple, though they also grow in pink and white. In the language of flowers, purple lilacs typically represent the start of new love, and white lilacs represent youthful innocence. Purple lilacs are also seen as representing growth and the transformation from youth to adulthood – which is why they are a very symbolic choice for weddings. They have a lovely country chic look about them, and can easily be presented as casual or showy. See more flower inspiration in the flower gallery.

Lilac wedding bouquet
lilac centerpiece
lilac and heather bouquet
lilac macaroons
dark lilac bouquet
white lilac wedding bouquet
Wedding Flower Inspiration: Lilac 5
pink lilac bouquet
lilac centerpiece

Wedding Flower Inspiration: Lilac 6

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  1. from where can I buy the first pic?

    • Amira, I would print this photo and take it to your local floral designer so that they can replicate it for you.


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