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Jewelries basically serve you two purposes. First would be your satisfaction and second would be to make a statement. Every time you put on a jewelry piece, it speaks volume about you. It lets people know a bit more about your choices and preferences. Choosing a statement jewelry for yourself means you select a piece which shows your personality and when it matches your vibe, it becomes the ‘statement jewelry’. The other meaning of the ‘statement’ in this phrase can be that you set an example for others. If someone else matches your vibe and they choose to wear the same piece, then they are influenced by you.


The term Statement Jewelry is applicable for both men and women and these are those jewelry pieces which determine your personality to a bunch of people. Statement jewelries are unique and most eye-catching pieces when worn by someone, they are meant to portray your choices inside out and they also show your values that you hold. A statement jewelry depends on a lot of factors, such as its color, shape, size and material. If you speak of color, then you will obviously notice a person with their statement jewelry if that has an unique color. You would also notice if the shape of the jewelry is uncommon and how big or small it is. The last factor raises up to the material it’s been made. Whether it is gold, silver or any other precious metal with extraordinary gemstone.

Mentioned below are some types of statement jewelries –


While you choose a statement necklace for you, you want to get your hands onto something which suits both you and your personality. Look for something which has an unusual color is in some different shape that you prefer. Something which is big and gorgeous. If you are inspired by someone else’s idea then don’t copy that rather to improvise that in your own way. That would then look much more relatable to you and someone else might end up getting inspired from you. Secondly, choose a perfect outfit to pair it up with your jewelry. If you are wearing something very big and attractive then you can go off shoulder with your fit and flaunt that beauty. They make you look bold and vibrant.

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If you are more into earrings and think that you can pull it off better then you should use your earring as a statement jewelry. The designs have flourished a lot in recent years and a lot of people have chosen earrings to express their choice of jewelry. Recent trend has been the massive oxidized earrings. These blend in perfectly at every occasion and are quite popular among all. Some also follow the traditions with gemstones. Gemstone earrings have always been everyone’s favorite when it comes to portraying their jewelry sense. It is a myth that only heavy and big dangling earrings can be statement earrings. Studs can also make a huge difference and bring in all the elegance. One of the examples would be tanzanite earrings stud. This heavenly blue stone when crafted with diamonds and silver sterlings can make you feel no less than a queen.

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One finds comfort in rings to show their values and their obsession with jewelry. Whether it be a wedding ring, family heirloom or any gemstone ring it can be your statement ring and can portray your connection to them. With the adapting trends, people are now seen to be very much obsessed with the designs and forms of animal jewelry. These jewelry are available in every form and have become very popular. But the most wanted has to be rings. As the name goes, of course the rings have some elements of wildlife in them. These rings are very uncommon and stand out every time someone wears them. These can let people know someone’s love for animals and specifically for some by the design that they are wearing. These also make you look very bold and chic. The best part is that these jewelry are available for both men and women and they can be easily styled on any event.

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Bracelets come in different forms like cuff, bangle, stretched, tennis and many more. Among these, there are specific types which most people prefer over wristwatches. Bracelets are a very underrated form of jewelry but even these can be your statement jewelry. Recent updates show that bracelets with gemstones and silver linings are getting very popular. Other than the other gemstones, Shungite is the most demandable one. Shungite bracelets are so likely because of their lustrous black colour and who does not like a bit of black in their outfit. The shiny carves and with easily wearable hooks make it even more attractive. And to a matter of fact, these bracelets are not only in demand by women but also by men.

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Statement jewelry is a very unsaid expressive way to showcase your personality and the ethics that you hold. Wearing the same old casual jewelry can bore you sometimes so spicing up with some bold pieces, gives you a fresh look. It makes people inquisitive to know more about you and holds up everything very interestingly. Your choice of jewelry might also impress someone and if they relate to you, they get inspired and influenced from you to try those. Therefore, you stand out to have a very positive impact on everyone.


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