Pink Rose Wreath Table Numbers: Free Wedding Printable

by in , — Updated September 10, 2015

I created another free wedding printable for you! I’ve styled designed them with a pretty watercolor rose wreath and lacy background for a whimsical pink floral look. You can easily print and cut these out at home for a simple DIY project that takes less than half an hour. I had fun creating them and hope some of you will find this useful! You might also be interested in the wheat wreath table numbers. Download and print numbers 1-20 below.

pink whimsical rose wreath + lace table numbers - free diy printable - 1-4

I recommend printing on white or ivory cardstock. If you need them for more than 20 tables or would like them with a plain white background instead then email me. Enjoy!

Rose Wreath Table Numbers 1-4
Rose Wreath Table Numbers 5-8
Rose Wreath Table Numbers 9-12
Rose Wreath Table Numbers 13-16
Rose Wreath Table Numbers 17-20

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  1. Pink Rose Wreath Table Numbers i need the number 0 because i want write 2016. Can you do this for me PLEASE???

    • Hi Emilie, I don’t have the file for this anymore but I do have a template I made without any numbers in the wreaths. Would that help?


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