Three Ways Instagram Can Be Used to Document Your Wedding Process

by in — Updated January 24, 2023

Three Ways Instagram Can Be Used to Document Your Wedding Process 9

Instagram is the type of app you can spend hours scrolling through – especially now that they’ve started Instagram Reels, which was inspired by the fame of TikTok. It’s an app to share, store, and relive memories that you want to stay with you forever. Moments might not last forever, but memories will be in the form of pictures and videos. Weddings are the type of moment you want to last a lifetime, and thanks to the power of social media, they can. Keep reading to find to use Instagram to document your wedding day. You can easily make a beautiful post using something like Instagram post maker which make it so much easier for you.

Your Instagram Page

You best believe that if you’ve had a wedding, people are going to stalk your Instagram page to see what went on – or even to use your feed as inspiration for their own. Think of your Instagram page as your own personal photobook. Better yet, you can create an Instagram book from your Instagram page. It’s a special and creative way of collecting all the photos that you might not think to print and putting them all in one book that you can look back on for a lifetime.

Yes, you’re most likely going to have a professional photographer to capture all the candid and special moments. But your Instagram page will most likely be full of pictures of the unique, funny, and beautiful moments that a photograph might not be able to capture.

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Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are what some people might call the knockoff of TikTok – but Instagram soon jumped on the hype once they discovered how popular the one hint wonder videos were. Reels are a creative way of documenting your day in short videos with or without music running in the background. That could be capturing the beautiful moment of you walking down the aisle in slow motion with Celine Dion playing over it, or it could be multiple clips of the afterparty thrown together to make one wild video. Either way, Instagram reels are usually fun to create and great to look back on.

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Instagram Lives

Some people approve of Instagram live on a wedding day, and some don’t – but if you do one, you can save it to your account and even publish it to your feed. If anything, lives are a great way for people who couldn’t be at your wedding to feel like they’re part of the wedding. Do you have family that lives on the other side of the world that couldn’t make it? They can feel like part of your day if someone will Instagram live the I do’s for you.

Top tip, anyone that follows you can see your Instagram live – so don’t go live after too many champagnes. Similarly, set your profile to private, so only your friend’s list can watch it.

Instagram is full of billions and billions of images and videos. In fact, millions of photos are posted every single day. To the billions of Instagram users, your wedding images might never feature on their feed. But for you, it’s the perfect platform to document your day and have something to look back on.

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