Wedding Music Guide

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Okay, you have almost tied the knot and the most exciting day is to come soon. There will be plenty of different emotions and memorable moments. Wedding music will help to set your and your guests’ mood. So, are you ready with your playlist for the whole day? If this makes you trembling – don’t worry, we have some tips about that.

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Wedding music for the ceremony

Pre-ceremony Music

Everybody is looking forward for bride and groom to come. Speaking about music during this time, it must not attract too much attention. So chose something festive, but not very pompous. Some classical wedding music will be appropriate.

Processional Music

That’s one of highly moving moments at each ceremony, so be careful with pieces of music for a processional. Look at the list of the best wedding songs to play during the wedding ceremony.

Recessional Music

At last, you and your sweetheart have been announced the newlyweds. Hence, that the moment for really bright and emotional song. Think about some classical piece of music, or fix on a song, which means a lot to you both. Here are some examples of wedding recessional music.

Wedding reception soundtracks

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Lounge Reception Music

This part goes right after the recession, so it would be a great chance to cool down a bit before the upcoming party. The ideal choice for wedding reception music is lounge,pop or light jazz.

Kiss Is On My List” – Hall & Oates
“Better Together” – Jack Johnson
“Outstanding” – The Gap Band
“Yellow” – Coldplay
“Sweetest Thing” – U2
“Is This Love” – Bob Marley
“L-O-V-E” – Nat King Cole

Newlyweds Entrance Music

Here come bride and groom, so the party is about to begin. For this part, choose something popular and sparky. Avoid blue and depressing music not only at this part but during all the reception.

“Show Me Love” – Robin S.
“I Feel Good (I Got You)” – James Brown
“By Your Side” – Sade

First dance Song

No rules to be here! That’s your moment of glory. If you always wanted to dance boogie-woogie, do it then! If you wish something more peaceful and romantic, and you’ve practiced dancing the waltz, ok then, there are mountains of absolutely amazing classical wedding music for the first dance.

“I Could Write a Book” – Ella Fitzgerald
“My Baby Just Cares for Me” – Nina Simone

Parent dance Music

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That will be mother and groom, or father and bride dance. So, it would be better to go for something calm, but touching. Perhaps, it could be a lyrical song from an old movie, which you and your parent both admire.

Bouquet toss Music

According to the tradition, the bride throws her bouquet to all the single ladies at the party. It’s a funny moment, so play girls’ favorite wedding music, something of Beyoncé, for example.

“Crazy in Love” – Beyoncé

Garter toss Music

Sometimes brides toss their garter as well. Despite it’s not so popular these days, if you decided on doing it you can play one song for both bouquet and garter toss.

Party Music

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Wedding dance music isn’t something extraordinary and not easy to find. That’s your party, so choose dance music you like best, but consider elderly people preferences, diversify club music with some slow dance or music of 80s-90s.

“Shout” – The Isley Bros
“Hey Ya” – Outkast
“Yeah 3x” – Chris Brown
“Get The Party Started” – Pink
“Billie Jean” – Michael Jackson
“Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’” – Michael Jackson
“The Twist” – Chubbie Checker
“We Found Love” – Rihanna feat Calvin Harris
“Let’s Dance” – David Bowie

Last Dance Song

When making decision on your last dance song, think of a song or a piece of music, which is not only romantic enough but also will be timeless for you and your future husband. It could be a song of your first dance or a soundtrack from your favorite movie.

“Late in the Evening” – Paul Simon
“After Midnight” – Eric Clapton

List of Absolutely-No Songs for Wedding

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Yeah, there are some types of songs we wouldn’t ever recommend for the wedding party.

1. Hard rock.

Come on, AC\DC and etc. is gorgeous, but it’s absolutely not appropriate as a piece of wedding music.

2. Songs with tough lyrics

Do listen to the lyrics. Don’t make yourself feel embarrassed at your own wedding.

3. Emo-music

As we mentioned before, try not to add to your wedding playlist some depressing and tragic song. You should better keep your guests in high spirit.

After all, just be ready to have a lot of fun. Play that wedding music, which makes you feel over the moon. Even if those songs are played to death.

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