What Your Gemstone Color Means

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You might’ve seen some of the most recent celebrity engagement rings and noticed one big thing – many of them have colored stones. While they are often colors diamonds, there are often other gems in the mix.

Engagement rings do tend to go in trends, but in the end, they are always a timeless beauty.

What is the difference between colored diamonds and other gems?

Initially, the white diamond that we know and love was pretty rare, but they are more easily accessible over time. However, once the diamond became coveted, it also gained a price tag to show it. Yet they are stunning and perfect for almost all occasions, and it won’t be long before you are searching google for a jewelry store near me!

There aren’t just white diamonds, though. Diamonds come in a variety of colors, including yellow, green, blue, and pink. Perhaps some of the more interesting shades are red, purple, violet, and gray.

In total, there are 12 base shades for diamonds. The rarest of all is the red diamond – which leads to it being the most expensive.

Other gemstones like sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and amethyst are colored stones but not diamonds. The difference comes from the formation; a diamond gem is a single element, while gemstones are created from multiple elements.

Each gemstone is assigned some meaning, and while many people see a ruby as a ruby, others see it to have a deeper meaning.

Which gemstones are ideal for an engagement ring or a gift that signifies love?

What Your Gemstone Color Means 9


An emerald is a stunning green gemstone and is often seen in some of the most beautiful vintage rings. When you see a real emerald, it is difficult to confuse it with any other gemstone due to its vibrancy.

The spiritual meaning of emeralds is that it opens up the heart chakra – perfect for those getting married or engaged. What’s more, is that it is said to bring wisdom, balance, and inspiration.

Generally, the emerald is thought to be a good sign when in an engagement ring or a wedding ring. Symbolizing a successful marriage and happiness.

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You might’ve seen Kate Middleton sporting a stunning sapphire ring, and she is just another in the line of royals who will wear this gemstone. Sapphires are heavily associated with royalty, in part due to their exceptional color and clarity. Often believed to attract blessings, gifts, and abundance, it can be a great gem to have on your list.

Not only are they stunning, but sapphires are one of the hardest gemstones, and because of this, they are very durable.

A sapphire gemstone symbolizes faithfulness, nobility, truth, and sincerity – perfect as an engagement ring. Royal robes, crowns, and items that belong to high-ranking faith leaders will often be sapphire blue, or the item itself adorned with sapphires.

A popular and classic choice next to larger white diamonds.


Rubies are vibrant stone choices and are less common than emerald and sapphire – but perhaps more impactful. The choice to wear a red stone is a bold one. The folklore behind rubies was that a ruby contained a drop of Mother Earth’s blood – meaning that rubies were the key to life itself.

Ruby is actually a red sapphire, and it was believed for a long time that if a sapphire was left for long enough, it would eventually turn red. In some cultures, rubies have been built on the foundations of building to encourage wealth and fortune.

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The deep red color of rubies also makes us think of love, courage, and passion – perfect for any rings that are given to loved ones.

Green Diamond

Green diamonds are stunning, and often they have different undertones like purple or blue – making them even more eye-catching. In recent months green diamonds have become more coveted thanks to Jlo and Ben Affleck using them as their choice of engagement ring.

While red is the rarest diamond, green is the second rarest.

The green diamond is said to symbolize prosperity, long life, and abundance – all things that happy couples will want to bring to themselves.


Morganite isn’t as well known as other gemstones, but it offers a unique soft pink hue and a lot of glimmers. Morganite is known as the crystal for divine love, peace, sweetness, love, and romance.

For people who love gemstones and their meaning, morganite is considered one of the strongest heart stones and one that offers powerful vibrations of pure love and compassion.

Certainly a gemstone worth considering.

Your gemstone can be some of the inspiration for the theme and color for your entire wedding; check out some inspiration here: Analogous Color 101: Wedding Palette Inspiration.


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