Princess Cut Versus Round Cut Engagement Rings

by in , — Updated November 18, 2020

silver and diamond studded ring

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and these stones are commonly associated with modern engagement rings. Known for their brilliant luster and stunning beauty, they are able to offer a decidedly immortal quality that is just not possible when referring to other gemstones. Not only is a diamond the centerpiece of any ring, but it serves to define one’s personality and tastes.

This is why specialists spend a great deal of time crafting numerous sizes and shapes. These dimensions and their numerous facets are designed to reflect the most amount of light possible without compromising the unique characteristics of the stone itself. Let us therefore take a look at two of the most popular cuts as well as the standalone qualities of each.

Princess Cuts

Jewelers will often use the term “square modified brilliant cut” when referring to this type of diamond. As the title suggests, princess cuts are known for their square shape and they currently account for more than 15 percent of the entire diamond market.

One of the traits which has made this design so popular involves its symmetrical shape. Those who have been searching for a more geometric stone will often choose a princess cut. However, it should be noted that the number of settings may be slightly more restricted when compared to round dimensions.silver-colored ring on top of red roses

In terms of price, a princess cut diamond tends to be slightly cheaper. This primarily involves the fact that the natural shape of a rough stone mimics these square dimensions. In other words, the diamond itself can be cut more efficiently.

Round Cuts

Otherwise referred to as a round brilliant cut, this type of diamond offers no fewer than 57 different surface facets. This is why it has become renowned for its brilliance and internal “fire” (the ways in which light is reflected and refracted). You are likely already familiar with this style, as it is estimated that more than 60 per cent of all diamonds are shaped to display a round brilliant cut.

One interesting characteristic of this choice is that it can be somewhat forgiving in regards to any internal flaws that may be present. Furthermore, they uniformly round design makes them able to fit into a host of different settings (not always the case with princess cuts).

In terms of brightness and scintillation, round cuts are capable of reflecting as much as 90 percent of the light that enters. This makes them preferable for those who desire a ring that truly sparkles. It should still be noted that round cuts can be more expensive than princess cuts.

Putting it All Together

So, we can see that each diamond cut is associated with its own unique set of characteristics. Pricing aside, it is important to take into account the geometric look that you are trying to achieve, the type of complimentary setting and the brilliance of the stone itself. Certified online dealers will offer you a plethora of unique choices, so be sure to examine these quality cuts in greater detail.


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