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by in — Updated February 8, 2023

With the restrictions on gatherings having been lifted this year, an overabundance of couples have scheduled weddings, which has resulted in the rest of 2021 being booked. So far this year alone, there have been 2.77 million weddings held, compared to 2020’s 1.11 million, which was one of the lowest wedding rates in history. Of the weddings planned for this year, 41.5% of them were originally scheduled back in 2020. As Natalia Kolosok, CEO of New York City Bride, states, “A lot of wedding shops struggled during the 2020 pandemic, resulting in wedding cancelations and the eventual closure of many wedding shops. As the world goes back to normal in 2021, the number of weddings that are being held is also rising. The current industry is booming and there is not enough space to cover the rest of this year.”

Nevertheless, it’s an excellent time for brides to start thinking about what dress to show themselves off in. The once-in-a-lifetime moment shines upon those who have made a life commitment and who want everything to go as desired in this celebration. What’s more important than having the perfect setup is the bride and what she is wearing when she walks down the aisle. So what are the current dress trends when it comes to weddings? From the gurus of the industry, here are the things to expect and consider when it comes to the perfect wedding dress for 2022.

Square Necklines

Starting us off is a timeless trend that found its way into the Renaissance, became popular in the 90s and is making a return in 2022: the square neckline. Natalia explains, “The square neckline is the option that’s made to suit any bride. Complementing its presentation and suitability for small to big bust sizes, this neckline offers a strongly defined shape, stands out well in modern design and fits comfortably for most brides who may want a fine spacing. In addition, square necklines can appeal to an audience with simpler tastes for those who may not be fans of more elaborate designs.”

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Off-the-Shoulder Sleeves

According to Natalia, “Showing more of the uniqueness in a bride’s form is something that many brides have been looking for recently. To offer this kind of style, off-the-shoulder sleeves are made for the occasion. Off-the-shoulder sleeves are a trend that goes great on all varieties of silhouettes, suiting the individual for a nice curvy look or a dance-floor beauty. Options like thick or light sleeves, or no sleeves, help give the bride more options to create their own unique beauty with off-the-shoulder sleeves.” A timeless dress that still brings glory to the bride, this fashion will last for many wedding seasons to come and is not stopping any time soon.

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Modified A-Line

This next trend comes from those looking to just find a good wedding dress without being overwhelmed. The modified A-Line is an excellent choice, appealing in its awe-inspiring simplicity. “Many brides look to do as much as they can with their dresses, but there are those who prefer the simple love story. It wraps around to flatter the lines of the body, while not being covered in the mixed designs today’s dresses often try to pull off. The regular A-Line also works for those who prefer not to have their body stand out too much.” For the definition of a beautiful dress, the modified-A-Line is a textbook solution for an excellent appearance.

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“While not something that is normally recommended, this trend immediately comes to mind when a bride wishes to express creativity.” The complete opposite of the modified A-line, ruffles present the bride with a dynamic entrance that bespeaks grand fantasy. A design used by soldiers in the 15th century and later adopted into royal fashion, ruffles are popular among many celebrities who hold the trend in high regard. Natalia says, “They may appear big, but they are actually much lighter. Even then they can be adjusted in volume for different expressions and allow for the design of eye-catching detail without looking too bulky. Normally presented below the waist, ruffles can also be put at the bust or just wrapped around the entire dress. However, it is important to note that too much will ruin the appeal, which is why most people select just half of the dress.” Preferences may depend on the circumstances, but no matter where they are placed, the results stand out proudly on the wearer. A person in a white dress standing in front of a blue car Description automatically generated with medium confidence


The final trend Natalia presents is one that may come as a surprise for some. While the majority of wedding dresses appear in long dress lengths, a desire for shorter lengths has risen this year. “It is true that some brides have come to prefer a less long take on the traditional wedding dress we are all familiar with. Call it short, mini, or tea length, the premise of the dress is that it gives more attention to leg beauty, offers even greater expression to the bride, can be used at more casual events and provides convenience in moving around. For some, dragging along such a long dress is not to their liking, and that’s what this trend is saying here. That doesn’t mean that the long dress will become a style of a bygone era. Some people incorporate the two by creating a transformative piece that gives the bride the option to choose which way to wear it whenever they like.”

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