8 Fall Wedding Photo Ideas That Embrace the Season

by in — Updated August 10, 2023

Fall is objectively the most aesthetically pleasing time of year. If you say any other season, you’re not only incorrect, but you’re also heretical. We don’t make the rules. But on a serious note, fall weddings have risen in popularity over the past couple of years, and it’s definitely easy to see why.

Below we explain the pros of having a fall wedding, along with some photo ideas to add to your list on your enchanting, autumn wedding day.

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Why Have a Fall Wedding?

The fact that your wedding ring set will look so cool on any fall-themed background like colorful leaves and other foliage is certainly a plus. However, that’s not the only perk of skipping the spring and summer wedding season and having yours in the fall.


Depending on where you are, the weather may already be too cold to be outside, but for many engaged couples, early fall is the perfect weather. You have the flexibility to have the ceremony and reception inside or outside, depending on what you want and the structure of your venue. You have plenty of flexibility on what you can wear. There’s just a cornucopia of fall wedding flexibility here.

Cheaper Travel (Usually)

If you’re going to a place that’s a fall hotspot, you may not save much (if anything at all) on travel. However, most of the time, flights and train tickets are going to be cheaper once summer draws to a close and travel starts to slow down.

If your guests plan well in advance (meaning you send out save the dates promptly), you maximize the number of people who can see you get your exciting new men’s wedding ring because you minimize the financial burden of showing up.

More Travel Options

It can often be easier to attend a fall wedding because people are already taking off work to travel for the holidays and see family and friends as it is. As we just mentioned, with cheaper travel overall, you get both convenience and savings when friends and family travel to your fall wedding.

There’s definitely a double-edged sword element to having a wedding right around a major holiday, though, so keep that in mind. You maximize the number of people who can potentially show up because the wedding is when people are already taking time off work. However, they might already have a commitment, so there’s no guarantee they can attend, especially if you have a destination wedding.

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Venues and Vendors Tend to Be Cheaper

In the later fall months, in fairness. Early October will not save you much money. If, however, you opt for a wedding in late October and beyond, you can save some serious cash.

Wedding season has died down for the most part, and venues aren’t getting June levels of bookings in November. If you aren’t married (no pun intended) to a certain time of year for your wedding, having a later fall ceremony is one of the best ways to save money on your wedding.

Do It for The Pics

If you’re not convinced by anything else, it will just look so good. Have you seen those fall wedding photos? You could hand a child an Android and have him run around with it. Even those pictures would look good. If an Android can take a good photo, the season must be beautiful. Just kidding, Android users. We love you. Sort of.

Fall Wedding Photo Ideas That Embrace the Season

We’ve been talking up fall, so now it’s time to put our money where our mouth is. Here are some ideas that are guaranteed to make you fall in love with a fall wedding. Sorry, couldn’t help it.

Anything with a Covered Bridge

There’s nothing that screams fall quite like a covered bridge with the leaves changing in the background. Maybe you’ll want to block off traffic to be safe, but if you put the two of you front and center and you get the covered bridge right behind you? So good. Put that thing on the mantel forever.

Jump into a Pile of Leaves

Seriously, do it. It will guarantee that you get some great candids. You’re also guaranteed to get a hilarious blooper reel, so you can’t lose here. Plus, you get to jump into a pile of leaves like you’re a kid again.

Walking Down Literally Any Tree-Lined Path

Seriously, find a stretch of path to walk down. Walk down it. That’s the whole photo. That’s literally all it takes to create a beautiful wedding photo in the fall because, as we’ve established, it’s the most objectively beautiful season.

Fall Sunset

Holding hands at sunset or anything in that vein is always cute. Add in the ideal fall golden hour, and you’ve got a winner immediately.

Throw Leaves in the Air

It will turn out cool. We promise. Grab a bunch of leaves, chuck them in the air and laugh while you do it. That’s guaranteed to bring you some good candids.

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Cut a Fall-Themed Wedding Cake

We haven’t even talked about the options for ornate wedding cakes during the fall. Let your cake maker go to work and create a masterpiece of a fall-themed cake. Take a solid slice into that bad boy, and you’ve got yourself a photo.

Outdoor First Dance

If you’re in a place where your reception can be held outside (or you’re just willing to be chilly for the aesthetic), get a first dance photo with orange trees in the background.

Engagement Ring Close-Up

The classic only gets better in the fall. Put your rings on a bed of leaves, leave them on your finger, whatever you want to do. There are no bad choices in this photo idea.

If you’re not convinced by this, nothing will convince you. That’s totally fine. We’re only judging you mildly for it. Once you see how those fall wedding photos come out, though, you’ll see that we were right. You can thank us later.


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  1. Fall wedding cakes are so beautiful! Loved the idea of using seasonal fruits and flowers to decorate the cake. The cake in the photo is especially stunning. Thanks for sharing.


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