6 Spring Wedding Colors

by in — Updated February 8, 2023

The spring of 2021 is coming at a time when it feels like everything has been dormant, not just for the winter season but for an entire year. It’s no wonder that the fashion world is especially invested in the bright colors of fresh growth. Folks who are planning a wedding are dabbling in that same optimistic palette, even the kind of practical couples who favor silicone wedding rings that fit seamlessly into their active lifestyle. Whether you are still scrambling to put things together for a rescheduled wedding or just want a peek at what’s going to be in bloom, here are the hues that are happily paying their dues in spring weddings this year.

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Light Blue

Its business card might say “Cerulean,” but don’t let the fancy name fool you. This shade has a blue blood pedigree with a blue-collar work ethic. Light blue is a classic wedding color because it works so well with both spring and summer pastels or even burgundy winter drapery. In a time of uncertainty, with weddings being postponed or reconfigured in an unprecedented manner, it is nice to have a versatile building block that can cheerfully fit anywhere. Getting back to basics can be liberating, especially when it frees up the mental energy to wrangle the seating chart. And if hanging out in Cerulean’s part of the spectrum gives you the blues, consider its close cousin, Periwinkle.


Just as blue is great at playing nice with other colors, green finds a welcome everywhere. Green bridesmaid dresses look good with just about every skin tone, while a green tie is the easiest groomsman gift to fit into wardrobe rotation. Nothing says “new growth of spring” like green. But what shade of green? Well, what’s your cup of tea? Mint Green, perhaps? Maybe even Matcha to give the wedding a sort of retro ’70s vibe. And if you want to reward green for being such a good wedding date, simplify the color scheme to green and white to really lean into springtime and let green pop like those first few buds poking through the snow. It’s possible to create a striking setting without being needlessly extravagant, from the backdrop of a woodland wedding to stunning yet affordable engagement rings.

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Bright Colors in Soft Tones

The last decade may have been dominated by pink, but rather than grow tired of it, we seem to just want to tone it down a bit. It doesn’t get much more romantic than blush, and it just so happens to pair well with those blues and greens.

What goes for pink works for purple. Lilac and lavender can accompany blush or even take its place, making a splash without rocking the boat. Like the gentlest part of a sunset, they add a bit of ethereal romance. Since they are also flowers, they can be worked into bouquets and centerpieces.


Speaking of flowers, when looking to nature for cheer, it doesn’t get much more cheerful than the marigold, which is due to have an epic year in 2021. English botanist Nicholas Culpepper called marigold the “herb of the sun” and it just might be the cure for wedding weariness. Marigold can make an indoor tablescape feel like a garden bed. Or put it in the centerpieces of your outdoor wedding and it even might help keep those late spring mosquitoes away. In the unlikely event that marigold still leaves you cold, there are other ways to grab a bit of sunshine for a floral display. Sunflowers, peonies and even a bountiful citrus basket can brighten things up.

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Bold Berries

You’ve been worrying about everything else, so maybe wedding color choices are an opportunity to throw caution to the wind and indulge a bit. Go berry picking and pluck the most vivid colors you see. Think raspberry sorbet bridesmaid dresses and elderberry boutonnieres. Want to snag hypericum, berzelia or viburnum berries for the bouquet? Plunge in with abandon.

Neutral Soil

The Pantone Color of the Year is Ultimate Gray. That may seem a bit dreary, but think of it as a way to set up all the other colors that are in play while Ultimate Gray accommodatingly fades into the background or dramatically reveals them, like a raincloud theatrically bowing out of the way of the sun. If you enjoy contrasts rather than a gentle blending, deploy black as an accent color.

“Enjoy” really is the key word for picking Spring 2021 wedding colors. Coordinating a wedding can be a fraught experience – even when it doesn’t occur during a pandemic when we had to tell people that we were smiling at them. So pick colors that will actively bring you joy or restore your sense of calm.


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