A Smart Girl’s Guide to the First Year of Marriage

by in — Updated May 28, 2020

A Smart Girl’s Guide to the First Year of Marriage 9

So, you got married. Congratulations!!!! You may have been together in a relationship for a while before your wedding, but remember that marriage still has some new experiences that could surprise you. There is also the fact that the first year of marriage is crucial because it’s where you’ll lay the foundation for your future happiness. It’s a time to establish good patterns and the way you’ll be together that should continue for the rest of your marriage.

Since it is that important, it’s usually best to build a strong foundation for your marriage at this time. This is the best time to listen to and apply all the positive marriage advice that you receive. That’s why I put these few tips to help you. Are you interested? Let’s get started then.

Communication Is Key

Listen to your spouse and learn to do so intentionally. You are both trying to figure out this new stage of life together, so show each other grace while at it. Usually, during an argument, everyone is trying to be heard. Find ways to listen even during then. And sometimes you’ll have to listen even when words aren’t being said. Communicate.

Make Your House A Home

The creation of a happy and cozy home should be one of your priorities as a new couple. Aim for a space where you’ll both want to spend time with each other in. Your house should never feel like a space you are both passing through. You might not even have to go all out to achieve this. Scented candles and soft blankets can go a long way.

A Smart Girl’s Guide to the First Year of Marriage 11

Make Plans for The Future

Couples often discuss this before they get married, but sometimes, essential details are left out. Have more than one discussion on your future as a married couple. As time goes on and life happens, you’ll discover you’ll need to have this discussion a couple more times. You are, after all, having to merge your life plans with someone else. Try your best to find a middle ground on decisions that you disagree on. Remember that love is more than looking in each other’s eyes, it’s also looking in the same direction.

Do Lots of Date Nights

Find ways to spend date night together at least once in two weeks. Make it weekly if you can. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and in times like these with the pandemic, you’ll have to be creative about spending it at home. Just remember that spending time together is what’s important. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. You should however, avoid the temptation to spend all your time together in sweatpants. Have fun, laugh, and don’t forget romance too.

Handle Your Conflict the Healthy Way

Conflicts are going to happen. If you don’t fight at all, that might be a symptom of a problem. They’re natural and will occur because you’re two people trying to integrate your lives. But try to limit your fights to things that really matter. It’s important to pick and choose your battles.

When your fights do occur, and they will, it’s best to resolve them as healthily as possible. Try to find the core issue behind the fight and make the best out of the situation. And while we’re on the topic of conflict, I’d recommend that every couple enroll in a therapy platform convenient for them during your first year of marriage. Trust me, it’ll be the best money you’ve ever spent. You can do it together or separately, but make sure that you take the time to sort out your emotional baggage and unresolved issues in a safe setting. Going for counseling does not mean that you don’t love each other.


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