Find Photographers in Your Area in Chicago to See the City like Never Before

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Regina lived just outside of Chicago but enjoyed going to the city on weekends when she was off work. She liked having the option to explore the city, but still live removed from the rush of daily city traffic and noise.

“I always loved the energy of Chicago,” Regina said. “It was sort of by accident that I ended up living so close; it was the most convenient place to live because of work, and it just so happened that I fell in love with all the excitement and action of the city.”

When things slowed down at work and Regina had a week off during the summer, she decided to explore Chicago in more detail. Even after living in the area for a few years, she still felt as though she had only scratched the surface of places to see in the city.

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“Chicago is just so big, which is what I like about it,” Regina explained. “There’s always something new, and even when you think you’ve seen it all, there’s something new to surprise you. For my one week break, I decided to find photographers in my area in Chicago to do a photoshoot as well. It seemed like a good way to commemorate my time living here, and I would have the benefit of having a local with me who could suggest places to go.”

For the first day of her exploration of Chicago, Regina decided to visit the Chicago Institute of Art. She had been to the museum a few times in the past, but never had enough time to really look at the displays in detail. A huge fan of Impressionist artwork, Regina enjoyed looking through the galleries and seeing masterpieces by artists like Van Gogh and Monet.

The photographer in Chicago had agreed to meet Regina in Millennium Park. This was another place Regina had been occasionally but never stopped to appreciate. The photographer described it as a favorite spot in Chicago since it was both iconic and unique.

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“I was happy that I found the photographer from Localgrapher,” said Regina. “I knew a lot about Chicago, but doing the photoshoot felt like I had the opportunity to see things from a new perspective too. I think anyone could find photographers in your area in Chicago to do something similar; the photoshoot was a lot of fun and gave me a fresh look at the city.”

Regina and the photographer did some classic shots with the famous “Bean” of Millennium Park and then walked around to a few other locations the photographer suggested for pictures of the city. With the skyline of Chicago in the background, Regina knew that her photographs would capture the special qualities she had come to appreciate so much about the place she lived. Even though she wasn’t traveling or planning a long trip, her week break and adventures in Chicago ended up feeling like a vacation too and made her grateful to live so close to a vibrant and fun city like Chicago.

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