Wedding Inspiration Board #12: Pretty Pearls

by in — Updated August 20, 2013

Pearls are a classic when it comes to weddings, but using these prized gems as inspiration for your theme can be a most elegant and beautiful sight if done properly. It can be easy to go overboard by draping fake strands everywhere, but steer clear of becoming tacky by using the warm glow of natural pearls as your inspiration and by using them in just a handful of places throughout your day. They make a breathtaking display draped over the shoulders of a low-back gown, in your hair, and even on your heels (as seen in the Freya Rose heels below). Twining a strand through your bouquet is unique and doesn’t overdo it like the bouquets made entirely of pearls and crystals. Mother of pearl flatware and clutches are another elegant way to bring pearls into your day. You could even incorporate the theme into your invitations by selecting pearlized paper. Keep it classy with bridesmaid dresses in neutral tones of beige, grey, blush, and cream – the colors found in the shimmering iridescence of pearls themselves.

freshwater mother of pearl wedding scheme

Wedding Inspiration Board #12: Pretty Pearls 3

Bride + Door: Elizabeth Messina, gown by Claire Pettibone / Mother of pearl flower comb: Virginia Geiger Jewels (violet vendor) /  Pearl Veil: Twigs & Honey / Pearl and Sapphire ring: KiraKira / Gown with lace sleeves and pearl draping: Zuhair Murad / Oyster: Phuket Index / Mother of pearl clutch: Home Shop 18 / Mother of pearl knives: Wedding Mountain / Freshwater pearl necklace: Violette & Iris / Pearl cake: Martha Stewart / Mother of pearl heels: Freya Rose London / Bouquet: Kirsten Weaver Photography

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