Why Do I Need a Wedding Hashtag?

by in , — Updated February 7, 2020
Why Do I Need a Wedding Hashtag? 1
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Unless you’re having an unplugged wedding, you’re going to want to have a wedding hashtag. Why? Here are some reasons to consider.

  • Stay Organized: If you come up with a unique wedding hashtag early on in the wedding planning process, it can help you  organize all of the fun wedding party photos and snippets of news that are shared about your big day. This is useful for both you and your guests.
  • Build Excitement: A wedding hashtag can help you get guests excited about the upcoming celebration.
  • Make Guests Feel Included: When guests use the hashtag, they feel like part of the fun. When guests feel included, everyone benefits!
  • Capture Candid Photos: You’ll get to see some candid shots that would have otherwise flown under the radar. Chances are, you would miss the post that your partner’s old college roommate made, which included a hilarious shot of your partner busting out a dance move. But if the post is marked with your hashtag, you can easily find it with a quick search!
  • Share with Absent Guests: Guests who can’t make it can join in — at least in the online world! All they have to do is share a message or photo, and include the hashtag. They can also search for the unique phrase you’ve decided on, and get to see all that has been shared about the engagement, wedding, and reception.

So… are you convinced? Are you going to have a wedding hashtag? Leave a comment below!


1 thought on “Why Do I Need a Wedding Hashtag?”

  1. Just make sure you tell your guests what the hashtag is! Having a sign with the hashtag on it works as well, for spelling reasons, but sometimes guests do not know the benefits of using the hashtag so they won’t use it unless you tell them why it’s important.


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