The best games and activities for your wedding guests

by in — Updated February 8, 2023

In order to create a day that your guests will never forget, the addition of some fun games and memorable activities certainly helps. Whether you’re having a summer wedding or a cold winter one, there are an array of games and activities capable of keeping even the most grumpy of relatives entertained.

If you’re having a large, outdoor wedding with access to plenty of space, then the options are impressively vast. However, if you have an indoor celebration, then your possibilities are still great but perhaps not as comprehensive. Either way, to stop people turning to their smartphones to play Canada’s favourite online slots or to help limit some embarrassing dad dancing, games and activities are a wonderful addition to any wedding day. You don’t need to add a whole selection either. The impact of one hilarious activity could live long in the memories of all of your guests, so pick wisely, and you could be on to a winner.

To help provide you with some wedding day inspiration, here is a look at some of the best games and activities for your wedding guests in 2021.


The traditional tabletop version of Jenga adds a dose of fun to any occasion, but if you can track down the larger version of the game, then you could provide a few more laughs. A life-size set of blocks will cost you more but you won’t regret it, especially when you’re seeing Jenga constructions falling and hearing plenty of laughs. A solid and reliable game in terms of providing entertainment, Jenga is a popular choice with many couples.

Garden jenga Styling a Barn Venue for Your Wedding Day
Credit: Tom and Lizzie Redman Photography

Connect Four

Giant connect four Styling a Barn Venue for Your Wedding Day
Credit: Tom and Lizzie Redman Photography

Similar to Jenga, a life-sized version of Connect Four will keep your guests entertained for hours on end. The game is straightforward and easy to play, making it ideal for both adults and children, with the humongous version of it appealing to people in general also. A classic game, Connect Four is another strong option for a wedding.

High Striker

A brilliant choice if you’re keen to get everyone involved, High Striker will have all of your wedding guests clamoring for their turn to wield the mallet and prove that they are the strongest. This old-fashioned carnival game never disappoints.

Wheel of Fun

Try putting together a custom wheel of activities to help encourage guest interaction and enable a wedding reception to provide a few laughs, too. Couples or individuals can then spin the wheel and face their fate, be it a chicken dance in front of everyone, telling a joke to their table, or a simple instruction for the bride and groom to kiss.

Dart Art Station

One for the creative types among us, a dart art station is a fun wedding reception activity. All you need to do is hang a large canvas on the wall, fill up some water balloons with paint or provide paintbrushes to throw, then let the guests leave their creative mark on the canvas. When the wedding is complete and your guests have exhibited their creativity, you and your partner can keep it.

Five-A-Side Soccer

Instead of purchasing the usual croquet set or giant dice, try buying two small five-a-side soccer goals to not only keep the kids entertained but the adults too. You can have bride against groom penalty shoot-outs or divide guests into small teams for a bit of soccer-related fun.

Other popular games and activities for weddings are giant checkers, a word search, a poker station, a themed photo booth, a video game station, and a quiz based on the bride and groom.


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