Wedding Flower Inspiration: Ranunculus

by in — Updated February 1, 2013

Ranunculus symbolize ‘radiant charm’ and are a perfect choice for your wedding bouquet and other arrangements any time of year. The ranunculus is a large genus of about 600 species (buttercups are also a member of this genus). The name means ‘little frog’ in Latin, probably due to the fact that many species are found near water. There are cultivars in just about any color you’d like, including white, pink, red, yellow, orange and purple. These gorgeous flowers, with their tight whorl of petals look stunning in a one-color bouquet like the deep purple bouquet just below by Creative Muse Floral Design, or mixed in with others like the beautiful peach/yellow/white ranunculus and succulent bouquet by Studio Choo. I also love the look of an ombre arrangement, such as the bright, 3-tone pink centerpiece by Julie Mikos Photography.

Purple ranunculus nosegay
pink and peach ranunculus bouquets
rustic ring pillow
orange ranunculus
yellow ranunculus bouquet
pink ranunculus centerpiece
ranunculus wedding cake
suagar ranunculus flowers
ranunculus necklace
bright pink ranunculus bouquet

Wedding Flower Inspiration: Ranunculus 3

1) Creative Muse Floral Design (violet vendor)  2) Studio Choo  3) Melanie Benson Floral  4) Rustic Ring Pillow: Sweet C’s  5) Ranunculus Hair Clip: Velvet Owl  6) Pink Lily Press  7) Pinterest  8) Julie Mikos Photography  9) Cake: Sweet Loft  10) Sugar Ranunculus: Flower & Flour  11) Paper Ranunculus Necklace: Blush Envy  12) Poppy Love (violet vendor)

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