Wedding Favors: Yes or No?

by in , , — Updated January 17, 2020
Wedding Favors: Yes or No? 1

Wedding favors — should you have them, or not? The wedding favor is a little memento to give to your guests, to help them remember your day. Often times, the favor is something practical that the guest can use — like a bottle opener, a baking whisk, a little house plant, seeds for the garden, a fridge magnet… you get the idea! Or, it could be edible. Usually (but not always!), it’s customized in some way to make it unique to your wedding. These little items take some thought and planning. If you’re already overwhelmed with details to plan out, here’s some good news for you: you can skip the wedding favors! They are completely optional.

Reasons Not to have Wedding Favors

Not sure if you want to have wedding favors or not?  If you’re on the fence, here are some reasons to say “no”, and skip this extra touch.

  • You’re going for a minimalist vibe
  • You’re having a DIY wedding and you have too many craft projects on your plate already.
  • Your wedding is just weeks away, and you have a million more important things to do, like book a DJ and a photographer.
  • You have a tight budget, and if you buy wedding favors you’re going to have to skimp on something else.

Did this help you make up your mind? Leave a comment and let us know: Are you going to say “yes” or “no” to wedding favors?


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  1. The less you spend on gifts and favors the more you can spend on the reception food and drink, especially the drink part. But if you do want to get your guests a wedding favor make it something they can use well after the wedding day.


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