We’re Moving After the Wedding, And I’m Worried About Feeling Isolated from My Girlfriends. What Can I Do?

by in — Updated May 28, 2020

We’re Moving After the Wedding, And I’m Worried About Feeling Isolated from My Girlfriends. What Can I Do? 9

There’s always the fear that women will fail to keep in touch with their girlfriends after marriage. But yours is more than that. You’ll be moving after the wedding, which will result in many changes to your lifestyle and more. So understandably, you and your girlfriends are a little bothered. You don’t want to drift apart as a result of this. You’ve been through way too much already. Well, I get that. And while it might not be the same as when you all were in the same location, you can still take steps to stay close. In fact, social isolation has given us a head start and some practice where that is concerned. But here are some more tips from me that you might find useful in this situation.

Recognize Early Signs of Depression

Don’t wait until you are clearly anxious and depressed to do something about it.  If you start feeling lonely as a result of feeling isolated, then know that you are not alone. Many people face loneliness even if they are surrounded by people.  However, if you keep getting that feeling of loneliness it can affect both your mental and physical health. 

You’ll start feeling unhappy because you’ll start feeling that gap between your new lifestyle and the relationships you had in the past. This is that classic intimacy vs. isolation issue that starts with you thinking that you don’t belong with your new husband. You want to be connected or be part of your friend’s life. It’s okay to feel like that at times but it’s also important to know that this is totally normal and expected as you transition from singleness to married life.

You’ll Have to Make Time Consciously

Time spent together is critical to any relationship. It’s going to be the same here, even if you’re miles away from each other. You must try your best to maintain contact and make time for your girlfriends. An occasional phone call, a message on a social networking app, and conference video calls will come in very handy. Spend time talking about everything that has happened since you last spoke, and some plans you have for the future. These calls can help you revive good memories and provide relaxation in the online company of your girls.

Share and Listen

Life changes quite drastically after marriage. Combine this with the fact that you’re moving to a whole new location, and you can see that the change in your case will be significant. This means that you will have tons of new experiences to share with your friends. Go right ahead, but also make out time to listen to them. That patience to listen means a lot. Try not to interrupt when your friend is speaking. Doing so is rude, and you could end up hurting them. If some are not married, you might want to watch it a bit with the kids and in-law stuff. Try not to ramble on about it and make a conscious effort to stick to general topics that all your friends can contribute to.

We’re Moving After the Wedding, And I’m Worried About Feeling Isolated from My Girlfriends. What Can I Do? 11

Balance Is Key

Marriage might take precedence over friendship, but you need both in your life. Your friends might have been your best support system for a while, but your spouse can also be your pillar or support. Try not to neglect one for the other. At the same time, be there to support your spouse and your friends too. It’s a great way to make sure that both relationships keep growing.

Make the Most of Every Means of Communication

With your new move, you won’t be able to meet up with your friends like you used to. This does not equal zero communication with them, however. Just like we’re having to do during this pandemic, use social media, text and phone calls, Skype, messengers, zoom, email, and other means of communication to stay connected. Just remember, you are not alone and you’ll be able to keep in touch with your friends as often as possible. It’ll let them know you still care about them despite the isolation.

Always Take an Opportunity to Reconnect

You’re only human, and there’s more than one person involved here. So, despite doing your very best, you could end up losing touch with some of your girls as time goes on. If this happens and by chance, you get an opportunity to reconnect, always take it! It could be that she shared something on Instagram that catches your interest or liked one of your new posts. Whatever it is, make a move and connect again. Your friendship might not remain the same after the time that has passed, but who says you can’t build a whole new one now? Don’t miss that chance!


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