Gorgeous Gown Styles for the Hippy Boho Bride

by in — Updated January 31, 2020
Gorgeous Gown Styles for the Hippy Boho Bride 1
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The bohemian look is all about being true to yourself rather than following convention. It blossomed in the sixties and seventies, along with the hippy movement, because the free-spirited boho way of life aligned with the peace and love centered hippy values. When you’re choosing your gorgeous boho gown, remember that you don’t have to stick to convention or traditions. Just be you! Follow your inspiration, and dress in a way that makes you feel beautiful, free, and authentic. Here are some style ideas to get you started.

Flowing Fabric:

Go with a gown made of delicate vintage lace, organic cotton,  gossamer mesh, or another textile that moves along with you as you gracefully dance through your day. Nothing stiff, binding, or constricting, please!

Show Some Skin:

If you’re going to get married somewhere warm, think about ways that you can tastefully show a bit of skin. Consider an off-the-shoulders gown or strapless gown, or a two-piece look that combines a cropped top with a long, sweeping skirt. Another option is an open back with accent jewelry that hangs down your back instead of your front. Remember — you can stray from conventions and march to the beat of your own drum!

Bell Sleeves:

Boho gowns that have full-length sleeves that open up at the wrists creates an angelic, or fairy-like look. Both airy and romantic, this wedding gown sleeve style can work for a warm or cold weather wedding.

What does your dream dress look like? Describe it in the comments section, below!


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