Truly Affordable Engagement Rings at less than $500 and $1000

by in , — Updated March 24, 2017

Finding a beautiful and unique engagement ring doesn’t have to mean going into debt. All those “textbook rules” about how the price of an engagement ring should equal three months salary is a load of rotten apples. How much you spend is personal, but know that there are options for every budget. I’ve found 17 gorgeous rings that are $1000 or less (most of them are much less than $500) that are still elegant and of quality. And there are plenty more where these came from – I found most of these on Etsy from artisans who make them carefully by hand and use materials such as recycled gold or sterling for less expensive alternative options. Most of these feature smaller diamonds, rough cut diamonds, or alternatives such as opals, sapphires, morganite, or white topaz. Enjoy! And be sure to share this list with those who might be interested.

1 - Handmade Raw Diamond Engagement Ring Rough Natural Uncut Gemstone $108 Avello
$108 Avello


2 - Antique Filigree Style Raw Diamond Ring Handmade Art Deco Engagement Sterling Silver Wedding Band Size 7 Gift Avello $140
$140 Avello


3 - $235 - Beth Cyr
$235 Beth Cyr


$275 Fernando Jewelry
$275 Fernando Jewelry


6 - $315 Simply Elegance Eco Engagement Ring - in Recycled Silver - Fernando Jewelry
$315 Fernando Jewelry


7 - Opal Engagement Ring 14k Rose Gold $355 pnps
$355 Point No Point Studio


9 - $375 Build Your Own Rosecut - Vena Amoris Jewelry
$375 Vena Amoris Jewelry


10 - $475 12 Carat Total Halo Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold - applesofgold
$425 Apples of Gold


10.5 - $498 Naples White Sapphire Engagement Ring - 14kt Gold - Olivia Ewing
$498 Olivia Ewing


11 - White Sapphire twig engagement ring $700 eftratdeutsch
$700 Efrat Deutsch


12 - Vine and Pearl Gold Ring $780 BMJ NY
$780 Barbara Michelle Jacobs


13 - Floral Aquamarine Engagement Ring in 14k Rose Gold Diamond Pebble Ring $798 - LaMoreDesign
$798 La More Design


14 - Morganite Engagement Ring Morganite Ring White Sapphire Halo 14K or 18K Gold Custom Wedding Ring $842
$842 Rare Earth Jewelry


15 - Branch Rough Diamond Engagement Ring, 14k Rose Gold $925 - point no point studio
$925 Point No Point Studio


16 - Rose Cut Diamond Handmade Engagement Ring, 14k Yellow Gold $950+ pointnopointstudio
$950 Point No Point Studio


17 - Antique-Style Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold $975 applesofgold
$975 Apples of Gold


18 - Leaves Engagement Ring No. 4 - 14K Gold and Diamond engagement ring, $1000+ doronmerav
$1000 Doron Merav

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