6 Ways to Pop the Question in Style

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Finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is an exciting time to experience. There’s so much to look forward to as you explore life with your other half, but one of the first things you may want to do is ask your partner to marry you.

It’s no small feat to be the one to pop the question. You have to pick out the perfect ring and then come up with a proposal that will make a great story in the years to come.

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While it’s always true that what matters most is the love between you and your future spouse, it’s also a good idea to get inspired for your proposal. Check out these six ways you can pop the question in style, so you don’t have to worry about it for another minute.

1. Use a Photo Booth

Retro things always find a way to swing back around and become popular again. Even though everyone has a camera in their phone, photo booths have become mainstream once again.

The key is to find a photo booth that happens to be in a place that isn’t too out of the usual for you both to visit. Stop by an arcade while you’re at the beach and ask to pose for photos in the photo booth inside.

You’ll get a strip of photos that will catch every moment after you pull out the ring, which will be an adorably retro way to celebrate your engagement.

2. Travel to a Destination

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Who doesn’t enjoy getting away every once and a while? When your other half is feeling stressed out and needs a break, take them away to a romantic destination.

That gives you the perfect location for your proposal. Deciding on the location is one of the most important choices to make about your proposal. Wait until you’re both having fun and then pop the question for a romantic surprise.

3. Compose a Song

If you know how to play an instrument like a guitar or the piano and you also have some experience writing lyrics, you should propose with a song.

Nothing says style and class more than composing a proposal song. You can make it as romantic, funny and personal as you’d like. It’s an extra way to show how much the proposal means to you, so go for it if you can.

4. Make It Formal

Will your fiance want a fairytale wedding, complete with ball gowns and midnight dances? Then the perfect proposal may be one where everyone involved gets to dress up in formal clothing.

Invite friends and family out for dinner at a classy restaurant and let the manager know ahead of time that you’ll be proposing. The restaurant may be able to help you celebrate after you pop the question by lighting candles and providing champagne for everyone to enjoy.

5. Build a Keepsake

Some people love to carry mementos around from memories they’ll always treasure. Maybe your fiancé+ has the ticket stub to the first football game you ever went to together, or a wrinkled copy of the first photo you ever took out on a date.

If that’s the case, your fiance may adore you for building a proposal keepsake more than where or when the proposal happens. You can make your own ring box or a sign that pops the question.

6. Visit a Christmas Tree Farm

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Sometimes proposing in style means going with the season of the year when you propose. If you’re thinking about proposing during the winter, try to time it so you can ask your partner for their hand in marriage at a Christmas tree farm.

Proposing at a tree farm has actually become quite popular in recent years, and it’s easy to pack a few more surprises in besides the ring. Have your fiancé’s family hidden behind a few trees to celebrate with you afterwards.

Make It Personal

Whatever proposal style makes the most sense to you, do it with a little personal touch. Add in a callback to your favorite memories together or your plans for the future. Your fiancé will end up loving the proposal almost as much as you, no matter what you decide to go with.

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