3 Wedding Favor Ideas for the Boho Bride

by in — Updated January 10, 2020
3 Wedding Favor Ideas for the Boho Bride 1
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Wedding favors serve three purposes: they show gratitude to your guests, they help the memory of your wedding day live on, and they serve as decor. You’ll want favors that fit in with the theme of your celebration. Going for a boho chic look? Here are three wedding favor ideas that would work for you!

1. Wildflower Seeds

“Let Love Grow Wild” for seasons to come by handing out some wildflower seeds that your guests can take home and plant.

2. Sweet Jam

“Spread the Love” by giving guests natural, berry-filled jams to take home with them. Use pretty glass jars, artistic labels, and maybe even a bit of vintage lace around the top, tied up with twine!

3. Decorative Soaps

Beautiful handmade soaps make a fitting favor for a sweet, free-spirited celebration. Who wouldn’t love to get an organic, herb-infused, decorative soap? Favors should be practical — you don’t want to give something that will just end up cluttering your guests’s houses. A soap is nice because it can be used and enjoyed, but ultimately it dissolves. In this way, giving a bar of soap is similar to giving an edible gift; you know it won’t last forever, but it’s a nice memento while it lasts.

Did one of these three ideas tickle your fancy? Let us know which one! Drop a comment, below.

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