Woodland Wedding Cake Inspiration

by in — Updated March 22, 2017

Woodland inspiration is by far one of my favorites and when it comes to wedding cakes, there are just so many creative possibilities. My husband and I commissioned a ”birch bark” style cake for our wedding. It was absolutely gorgeous, but there honestly wasn’t much time to enjoy it during the reception (gazing at it or eating it for that matter) and unfortunately the photographer didn’t come away with any great photos of it either. My advice to you, no matter what style your cake, would be to make sure you get some great photos so that you can enjoy the artistry that went into it, long after its gone. I’ve collected here some of my favorite woodland cakes from around the web to inspire you – from little mushrooms and ferns, to mossy tree-stands and even magical little fairy houses built into the tiers.  These nature inspired creations are sure to delight your inner wood nymph.

Woodland Wedding Cake Inspiration 5
whimsical woodland cakes
moss and woodland flower cake
rustic woodland wedding cake ideas
mushroom woodland fairy cake
woodland faerie cake
colorful mushroom cake erica obrien

Woodland Wedding Cake Inspiration 6

1) Pinterest  2) With Bird Toppers: Gift Expert (India)  3) Fiddleheads and mushrooms: Studio Cake  4) Pinterest  5) Yelp Canada  6) Maxine’s Catering and Bittersweet Bakers  7) Lisa Massingill, Three Nails Photography  8) Wood Texture: Whipped Bake Shop  9) Cake-A-Licious  10) Martha Stewart Weddings  11) Fairy Mushroom cake: Zhanna (Russia) via Sanya Arts Space  12) Josophans  13) Tilting Fairy House Cake: Pinterest  14) Erica OBrien

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