Woodland Faerie Styled Wedding by Tricia Fountaine

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It’s Friday, Violets! Time to relax, let your imagination roll into a world of sparkly wings, mossy magic, and faerie land beauty. Now, some of you may have seen a few of these images around the web already, (this shoot took place a few years ago) but it is one of my all-time favorites and I couldn’t resist adding it to the Sweet Violet Bride collection of styled weddings, so I’ve put it all together into one lovely post for you! Tricia Fountaine is the mastermind behind this extravagant styled wedding, and Elizabeth Messina photographed. Read below to learn about Tricia’s inspiration and thought process.

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Woodland Faerie Styled Wedding by Tricia Fountaine 7
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Woodland Faerie Styled Wedding by Tricia Fountaine 8

From Tricia Fountaine:

My all-time favorite story growing up was Peter Pan, I just loved that he could fly and lived in a magical land where there were faeries and mermaids. I would have gone there in an instant if I could. As an adult I have read the Harry Potter books and seen the movies more than I care to admit. I was introduced to Tolkien only in the last couple of years and have now become obsessed with his books and Peter Jackson’s amazing movies. All this is a preamble to the statement that I am in love with all things faery beyond what I can convey in words! As an outlet for my obsession one day, I decided to try my hand at creating a fantastical set of wings. This led to another set and then a faery costume and so on. Very shortly thereafter my imagination had attached itself to the idea of a faery/elf wedding. Anyone blessed with an artistic sensibility knows I did not have a choice in the matter. This vision simply had to be created. I cajoled my friends and hired a couple of actors from the local university and put them all in wings, elf ears and costumes. I then called a photographer I know from the wedding business, Elizabeth Messina, who was beyond kind enough to photograph my idea for me.

Woodland Faerie Styled Wedding by Tricia Fountaine 9

Styling: Tricia Fountaine Design / Photography: Elizabeth Messina

4 thoughts on “Woodland Faerie Styled Wedding by Tricia Fountaine”

  1. You’ve got to appreciate the creativity here even if faeries aren’t your thing. It looks like a movie set.

  2. Where are the dresses from?

    • I believe they’re all handmade by Tricia the stylist.

      • Oh to have such a talent. Wish I could recreate the dresses for my friends wedding or at least be able to find something so spectacular in any bridal store.


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