Wheat Wreath Table Numbers: Free Wedding Printable

by in — Updated August 26, 2016

I created these rustic / vintage table numbers for you to print and use for your wedding. The beautiful blue wreath of wheat (styled after a grain sack stamp from 1841) against the faded image of French script (an actual copy of a letter from the 1800’s) makes for an elegant table number design that you can easily print and cut out at home. A simple DIY project you can have done in minutes! Perfect for a blue and cream wedding, or your something blue. I had fun creating it and hope some of you will find this useful! I’ll be working on more free printables for you in the coming weeks so check back for more soon. Enjoy!
Download and print numbers 1-16 below.

Wheat Wreath Table Numbers: Free Wedding Printable 3

Blue Wheat Wreath Table Numbers – 1-4
Blue Wheat Wreath Table Numbers – 5-8
Blue Wheat Wreath Table Numbers – 9-12
Blue Wheat Wreath Table Numbers – 13-16
Blue Wheat Wreath Table Numbers – 17-20

Fonts used in this design: Jellyka Delicious Cake

16 thoughts on “Wheat Wreath Table Numbers: Free Wedding Printable”

  1. Hi there, I was looking for rustic table numbers when I chanced upon this – love it! I would really love to use these table numbers for my wedding, but I’ll need the numbers up to 45.. Do you think you could help me with it? Pretty please!

    • Hi Dan! Wow that is a lot of tables! Luckily I still have the template so I can create those and I’ll email them to you. -Naomi

  2. Hello :)! I am in love with your table number template!! I need 20 of them, but as I can see there are only 16. Would you be able to help me out with that? Thank you thank you!!:)

    • Hi Olga! I’ll email you 17-20 : ) Glad to help.

  3. Hi there, I love these table number templates but will also need more! 26 tables perhaps! Is it possible to get them?

    • Hello! Glad you like them! : ) I’ll email you numbers 17-26.

  4. Hello! I absolutely love your table numbers, but I need up to 25. Are you still able to email them?

  5. Hi I love these and was wondering if you have a zero you could email me?

    • Hi Cassidy, I’m so sorry I did not make a zero, and I do not have the template for these anymore.

  6. Hi. These look absolutely amazing! Is it possible for me to get these for numbers upto 30? I would really appreciate that!

  7. Your table numbers design is just what I’m looking for, the color and style are perfect. I would really like to use the for my wedding but I have 20, can you help me out with that?

  8. Hi!
    I am also in love with this template, it is the only one I can find to fit my wedding theme perfectly! Is it possible to have this template made up to 20 tables as well? Pretty please!
    Thank you! Let me know!

    • Hi Lindsey!

      I added up to 20 to the post, so you should be able to get it now : )


  9. Hello!
    I too love these and would love more for tables 21-25! Pretty please?!

  10. Hello Naomi,
    could you please send me the template for tables 21-26? They are so beautiful! And saving on costs is lovely!
    Thank you in advance.


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