Wedding Inspiration Board #33: Boho Botanical

by in — Updated April 4, 2017

Bohemian, or boho weddings can by styled in a number of ways, but our favorite is with a lush infusion of botanicals! We suggest a mix of greenery and flowers, as well as fun vintage prints, lots of different textures, and furniture sourced from a variety of cultures and eras. Organically styled florals in free-spirited jewel-tone shades of purples, pinks, yellows, and browns can pop against a blue backdrop, cake, or dress. By the way, if you want more botanical décor inspiration you simply must pick up the book Botanical Style by Selina Lake!

Wedding Inspiration Board #33: Boho Botanical 5

Cake: Photo by Scarlet O’Neill, cake by Le Dolci | Leafy hair piece: Jess Petrie Photography | Boho Bridesmaids: Tree Blog | Bouquet: Mondo Floral Designs | Floral Invitations: Spotted on Kennedy Blue | Nightingale Cuprian Tourmaline Ring: Trumpet & Horn | Hanging Macrame Planters Installation: Pinterest | Floral Hair: Photography by Anna Roussos via SMP | Botanical Nails: Lady Crappo

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