Wedding Inspiration Board #29: Alpine Meadow

by in — Updated February 6, 2015

Nothing quite surpasses the beauty of the mountains. Add to that an alpine meadow blooming with wildflowers, a beautiful gown, and loved ones to share the day with and you pretty much have my idea of heaven. Today’s inspiration board captures the essence of such an atmosphere and will, I hope, inspire your outdoorsy special day. And if you are lucky enough to have your wedding ceremony in an actual alpine meadow that just happens to be in bloom, please send us photos. We’d love to see such beauty!

Mountain Wedding Inspiration


Bride in the Mountains: Brumley & Wells / Wood Ring Bowl: Upcycled Treasures / Mountain Meadow: Pinterest / Rustic Ceremony Doors: Eric Kelley / Bride and Groom Wrapped in Blanket: W&E Photographie / Purple Wildflower Bouquet: Laura Babb Photography / Mountain Save the Date: Starboard Press / Bride and Groom in the Alpine: Alpine Image Co.

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