Wedding Inspiration Board #25: Southern Belle

by in — Updated February 13, 2015

When I think of Southern charm, I think of beautiful hats, pretty parasols, blooms so gorgeous they make you sway, and irresistibly delicious treats to enjoy outside with friends. Sweet tea, peach cake, and thoughtful details like monogrammed handkerchiefs for your maids! Oh, and don’t forget the shrimp cocktail! Even if I might be stereotyping, you can’t deny that these elements make for some wonderful outdoor wedding inspiration. So go ahead and find your inner Southern belle, even if you live in the northern latitudes!

Southern Belle Wedding Inspiration Board by Sweet Violet Bride


Bride with Kentucky Derby Hat: Laura Murray Photography / Bride & Groom: Jessica Kettle Photography / Real Pressed Flower Shoes: Lady O / Brides with Parasols: Marissa Lambert Photography / Calligraphy Champagne Bottle: KT Merry / Peach Cake: Lora Grady Photography / Peach Bouquet: The Nouveau Romantics, Southern Living Weddings / Bridal Party with Monogramed Handkerchiefs: Fly Away Bride

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