Wedding Inspiration Board #15: River Rock

by in — Updated November 5, 2013

Of the Earth and smoothed over time by water, river rocks have always enticed me to pick them up and turn them over in my hands, to feel their weight, their beauty. Once in a while, if one feels just right in my palm, I’ll pocket it and add it to my “collection.” They seem to have a calming effect and are also unique in that not one is the same as another – the one that looks special to me, might look like just another rock to you. For a nature-inspired wedding, river rocks make for a very natural, earthy theme. From centerpieces to alternative guest books to jewelry – you can pretty much find a place for them anywhere. They can also be used as Oathing stones. In an ancient Celtic tradition, an Oathing Stone was once thought to be the best way to express your vows in the physical form. There are a few variations on how this can be incorporated into a wedding ceremony. You can read more about it here, and here.

river stone scheme

Wedding Inspiration Board #15: River Rock 3

3 Stones with Flowers: Style Me Pretty / River Rock Inspired Ring: Cody Sanantonio / River Rock + Birch Candle Centerpiece: Andree Kehn Wedding Photography / “Love is Life” rocks: Sofia Art / Pebble Table Number Frame: Donna Paper Scissors / Handful of LOVE pebbles: Orly Design / Felted River Rocks: ZM Felt / Black and Brown River Stone Ring: Sandra Lee Russell / Alternative Guest Book Jar: Pinterest / River Stone Inspired Sterling Necklace: Bonnie Boardman / Couple in River: Karma Hill Photography

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