Wedding Inspiration Board #14: Geode

by in — Updated October 8, 2013

Geodes are one the worlds prettiest natural wonders. I mean, can you imagine the first person who found one of these rocks, ordinary on the outside, and cracked it open to find a world of sparkly crystals? That must have been a magical moment. The word geode is Greek for “earth-like.” I keep an egg-sized geode with purple amethyst crystals on my desk and marvel at it each day and finally have made a theme board inspired by these geological spectacles. Wouldn’t this be the perfect theme for a geologist? Incorporate actual geode halves or slices in décor, wear geode jewelry, or even use rock candy to top your desserts!

geode geologist themed wedding

Wedding Inspiration Board #14: Geode 3

Escort Cards: Martha Stewart Weddings / Rings inside Geode: Taylor Lord / Geode Ring: Anatomi  / Geode Belt: Taylor Lord / Geode cake: Taylor Lord / Rock Candy Geode Cupcake and Amethyst Place Setting: Artisan Cake Company, Hazelwood Photo / Geode Rock Wall: Art Prints by Kathryn Morrison / Geode Earrings: Gemco Diamond Jewelry  / Geode Slice Place Setting: Katie Miller Events, Sarah Maren Photographers / Geode Necklace: Jane & Rye / Geode Table Décor: Blue Lotus, Perez Photography

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