Wedding Flower Inspiration: Waxflower

by in — Updated April 25, 2013

Love the look of a rustic bouquet? You’ll love waxflowers. These evergreen shrubs native to semi-arid climates such as Australia, smell of fresh pine when the stems are cut and have endearing little flowers with five waxy petals. Their long-lasting white or pink blooms make them a symbol of enduring love and success. As you can see in the bouquets I’ve rounded up, waxflowers make the perfect accent in a naturally gathered arrangement. They can be easily tucked between your larger flowers and though they may be small, they have a powerful, but not overbearing effect. Because of their woody stems, they can also be incorporated into the perfect headpiece!

woodland waxflower bouquet
waxflower centerpiece
rustic bouquet with waxflower
waxflower bridesmaid bouquet
waxflower hair crown
waxflower boutonniere
pink waxflower bouquet
white green yellow rustic wedding bouquet

Wedding Flower Inspiration: Waxflower 3

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