Wedding Flower Inspiration: Thistle

by in — Updated August 19, 2013

For a wild and free-spirited look, thistle is one of my all-time favorites. Available in shades of purple, blue and green, these prickly-headed, sharp-leaved plants are a bit tricky to work with but add a rugged texture like none other to your bouquet, table arrangement, or even headpiece. Thistle is actually a common term used to describe many different species with similar spiky characteristics. They are the floral emblem of Scotland and are thought to symbolize strength, protection, and healing. Certain kinds, such as Milk Thistle, are actually edible. No matter what type you find for your arrangement, there’s nothing quite like them for an ultimate display of textural beauty.

thistle hair crown
blue thistle bouquet
thistle boutonniere, centerpiece
rustic thistle and wheat bouquet
Wedding Flower Inspiration: Thistle 5
thistle and kale bouquet
rustic bouquet with thisle
thistle wedding cake

Wedding Flower Inspiration: Thistle 6

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