Wedding Flower Inspiration: Sweet Pea

by in — Updated January 30, 2013

Do you dream of walking down the aisle with a bouquet of delicately ruffled petals? Sweet peas will create that effect while keeping a natural look about your bouquet and arrangements. In the Victorian language of flowers sweet peas mean ‘delicate pleasure’ and ‘bliss,’ and their name is derived from the Greek word for pulse, and the Latin word odoratus, meaning fragrant. And they do smell divine! You can find these blooms in a wide range of colors, most commonly in white and every shade of pink and purple. I think they look equally lovely in a mixed bouquet as they do on their own. Include their curling tendrils and buds for an even more organic, dreamy garden look!

purple sweet pea bouquet
white sweet pea wedding bouquet
light pink sweet pea centerpiece
sweet pea arrangement
sweet pea and wildflower bouquet
sweet pea sugar flowers wedding cake
Wedding Flower Inspiration: Sweet Pea 5
fuchsia sweet pea bouquet
pink and purple sweet peas
light pink sweet pea bouquet

Wedding Flower Inspiration: Sweet Pea 6

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