Wedding Flower Inspiration: Protea

by in — Updated July 23, 2020

Protea are some of the most stunning flowers on Earth! Because Protea have such an extensive array of forms, they are named after the Greek god Proteus, who would change his form at will. One of the most common types used in bouquets is the King Protea (South Africa’s national flower), as seen in most of these photos. Sometimes called sugarbush, these ancient flowers are natve to Africa and Australia but now grow in other parts of the world. Their unique shape makes for bouquets and centerpieces that you and your guests will never forget. They also make for a surprisingly easy DIY bouquet, using a single protea surrounded by simple leaves.

Protea wedding bouquet jose villa photography
green protea, protea centerpiece
pink protea and rose bouquet
rustic protea bouquet
pink and yellow protea bouquet
red protea bouquet centerpiece
light pink protea centerpiece
king protea in vase

Wedding Flower Inspiration: Protea 3

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Obsessed with Proteas? See the International Protea Association, or Protea Atlas for more information.

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