Wedding Flower Inspiration: Clematis

by in — Updated July 26, 2013

With their cascading tendrils and showy, star-like blooms, Clematis can add a wild and ethereal look to your wedding bouquet. Some call this flower Queen of the Vines, and their slender flexible stems make them prime candidates for easily adding to almost any arrangement. There are hundreds of varieties of clematis, from the saucer-sized starbursts to clusters of little bells, and they can be found in shades of pink, purple, blue, red and white. I think Clematis is especially beautiful seeing as its meaning in the language of flowers is ‘mental beauty.’ Whether you choose to have a single clematis bloom incorporated into your bouquet, or an arrangement full of them, they’ll make a big impact. See our flower gallery for even more inspiration.

clematis bridal bouquet
pink clematis bouquet
purple clematis arrangement
bridal bouquet with clematis
pink and fuchsia clematis
white clematis and fern bouquet
cascading clematis bouquet
pink rose clematis bouquet

Wedding Flower Inspiration: Clematis 3

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