Wedding Flower Inspiration: Black-Eyed Susan

by in — Updated October 10, 2013

Named for the stunning dark “eye” in the center of each bloom, black-eyed Susans, or Rudbeckia hirta are a gorgeous addition to weddings from June through October. Native American peoples used these plants for medicinal purposes, and the Victorians thought they symbolized “justice.” Blooming as happily in a forest as in a garden, these often-domesticated wildflowers possess lovely deep yellow petals that attract butterflies and other nectar-thirsty creatures. One variety, the Gloriosa Daisy, has a wonderful fringe of deep rust-red around the center, making it perfect for fall bouquets. Perhaps you’ll be able to gather your wedding flowers along country roads!

Black-eyed susan wedding bouquet
black-eyed susan centerpieces
red bridesmaid dresses and yellow bouquets
black-eyed susan hair piece, necklace
Wedding Flower Inspiration: Black-Eyed Susan 5
 black-eyed susans wedding cake
bride and groom in field of yellow flowers
black eyed susan wedding stationery
cupcakes with yellow flowers on top
wildflower wedding bouquet with black-eyed susans

Wedding Flower Inspiration: Black-Eyed Susan 6

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