Wedding Day Hair Colors: Yes or No?

by in , — Updated September 28, 2022

women's red hair

Dying hair into unnatural hues is now easier than ever. Cosmetics companies have come out with do-it-yourself, vegan-friendly hair dies in bright, vibrant colors and the process is easy to do and lasts for months. Professional stylists are also fulfilling many a request for colorful, playful purple, blue (could this be your something blue?), and pink hair.

Wedding Day Hair Colors: Yes or No? 8

This might be great for a “getting out of a rut” stage of life, but what do you think about going for colored hair on your wedding day? Is it too out there? Or is it fabulous? Lets vote! I think that personally I wouldn’t want to have colorful hair on my wedding day. What about you? Vote yes or no in the comments section below!

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