Wedding Day Adornments: Bridal Hats

by in , — Updated May 7, 2013

One of the many reasons I love weddings so much is because it gives brides a reason to wear something they might otherwise never wear… like fascinators, or millinery-style mini-hats that were worn more often in eras past. Actually, such headpieces still seem to be worn quite often in the UK (I wish this was true in the States) and by certain celebrities on the red carpet (Sarah Jessica Parker rocks this look…okay she rocks some very out there headpieces but we love her for it).  So brides, you have a wonderful opportunity to wear a couture fascinator – whether you opt for big and bold (think Derby-style) or small and sweet. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites below.

Erica Elizabeth Design
Lo Boheme mini hat
Sibo Designs fascinator
BHLDN headpiece
Twigs & Honey
Melinda Rose Design
lacielle roselle pink bridal hat
Wedding Day Adornments: Bridal Hats 5
arturo rios yellow fascinator derby hat

Wedding Day Adornments: Bridal Hats 6

1) Erica Elizabeth Designs  2) LoBoheme  3) Halcyon Heroine  4) Sibo Designs  5) Kitty Andrews for BHLDN  6) Nicole & Co. for BHLDN  7) Twigs & Honey  8) Melinda Rose Design  9) Lacielle Roselle  10) Fine & Fleurie  11) Agnes Hart  12) Arturo Rios

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