Wedding Day Adornments: Bridal Gloves

by in — Updated May 21, 2013

Gloves have a fascinating history and exude a vintage elegance. First worn as symbols of prestige and power, they were typically only seen on the hands of royalty. In the middle ages, ladies would give them as a token of affection to her suitor, and by the Renaissance, women of fashion wore ornately embroidered and perfumed gloves daily. Some even collected them obsessively, such as Queen Elizabeth I (sixteenth century) who accumulated more than 2,000 pairs! The tradition of giving gloves as keepsakes to wedding guests continued into the nineteenth century. Different lengths have been popular at different times but the short and even fingerless gloves seem to be making a comeback in today’s bridal fashion. Here I’ve collected some of my favorites from Etsy and around the web.

something blue gloves
lace bridal gloves
vintage bridal gloves whichgoose
short bridal gloves
fingerless bridal gloves
beaded bridal gloves
crochet fingerless bridal gloves
Wedding Day Adornments: Bridal Gloves 5
sheer bridal gloves
lacy bridal gloves
long lace bridal gloves

Learn more about the history of gloves here: The History of Gloves

Wedding Day Adornments: Bridal Gloves 6

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  1. Thank for for featuring my hand-made in France bridal fingerless gloves ! Your wedding blog is exquisite. Kind regards, JolieJye

  2. These lace gloves are just beautiful !
    And with the fingers cut out … the glove doesn’t have to come off for the ring to go on.


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