Wedding Color Palette: Peach

by in — Updated November 18, 2013

Inspired by the delectable fruits themselves, a peach wedding palette makes a sweet statement. A bit more subtle than pure pink, peachy shades can range from the lightest blush seen in a conch shell, to the pink golden honey hues seen in the flesh of the actual fruits. One of my favorite things about peach is that it makes a lovely palette on its own, but also pairs perfectly with silver, gold, and even copper because of the pink undertones. To make it look more vibrant pair it with its complimentary color, (opposite on the color wheel) a shade of periwinkle. Peach is also a beautiful color for a nature-inspired wedding because it has such a soft natural glow about it. See more color palettes here.

soft peach wedding scheme

Wedding Color Palette: Peach 3

Peach Floral Crown: Anastasiya Belik Photography / Peach Wedding Stationery Suite: The Nimbus Factory / Cake: Lisa Vorce / Peach gown: Ashley Kelemen Photography / Peach Centerpiece: Pinterest / Bouquet: Anastasiya Belik Photography / Peach Slice Cake: Tumblr / Peach Diamond Ring: Sundari Gems / Peach Bridesmaid Dresses: Donna Morgan

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