Wedding Color Palette: Ecru

by in — Updated January 26, 2015

Many brides dream of a white wedding…but for those of us with a more natural, nature-inspired style, white can be a bit too stark and traditional. Ecru, described in the dictionary as a greyish-pale yellow or light greyish-yellowish brown, is often used to describe unbleached fabrics such as silk or linen in their natural state. In fact the French word écru means ‘raw’ or ‘unbleached.’ It’s that gorgeous natural ivory-cream color of antique lace, muslin, and sometimes butter. We love ecru for natural weddings, whether it be in the unbleached freshwater pearls you wear, or an “ivory” gown that doesn’t glare in a too-white way. Ecru, since it is such a soothing neutral can also be paired with so many colors. We love it with gold, blush, mint, lilac, or coral. Here is a collection of pretty ecru things to inspire you.

Ecru Wedding Color Palette


Dress: Vintage Opulence  / Roses: Pinterest  / Natural Lace: Pinterest  / Invitations: For Love Polka Dots / Ecru + Gold Nails: SoNailicious  / Handkerchief: Lollys Cubby Hole  / Ivory Lace Heel Booties: BHLDN / Bridal Bun: Elizabeth Messina

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