Wedding Color Palette: Amethyst

by in — Updated February 16, 2015

One of my favorite semi-precious gemstones of all time is Amethyst – no surprise as it is a violet variety of quartz. It is known as the February birthstone, and also the stone of St. Valentine and faithful love. It can range in tone from translucent, barely-there lavender to deep opaque violet. It has been worn throughout the centuries for protection, to keep one grounded, to keep from overindulging, for mental peace and calm, and to enhance a meditative state among other uses. It is thought by some to enhance creativity and passion. Whichever metaphysical properties pique your interest (or not), there is no denying it’s beauty – especially in geode form. I’ve put together a little inspiration board featuring these soothing hues, and even some creative ways to include the stones in your wedding décor. Enjoy!

Amethyst Wedding Palette


Bouquet: Anne Blodgett Photography / Amethyst Geode Place Setting: from Bohemian Gypsy Bridal Inspiration Shoot / Amethyst Ring Box: Alex Monroe / Amethyst Cake: Belle The Magazine / Shades of Purple Place Setting: Pinterest / Amethyst Bridesmaids: Pinterest / Amethyst Place Card Holders: Amalie Orrange Photography

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