Utah Desert Elopement {Gordon Robinson Photography}

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Once in a while a wedding lands in my inbox that is entirely unlike anything I’ve seen. Jessica and Bobby’s autumn “elopement” is a no-fuss celebration of love that gives a sense of pure joy just from looking at these scenic images. The couple (from Tennessee) backpacks in this location each year and wanted to tie the knot in a place near and dear to their hearts – though they chose the exact ceremony spot while hiking the day before. The simple, bohemian details compliment the stunning backdrop in just the right way.

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Utah Desert Elopement {Gordon Robinson Photography} 8
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From the Bride:
I wanted it to be sweet and stress free, but filled with giddiness and excitement.  We weren’t to see each other until the moment I walked down the “aisle” and wanted us to fall in love all over again when we laid eyes on each other.  That happened ; ) My friends and I picked out a song (that Bobby has always said reminds him of me – ‘She is my Everything’ by John Prine) and played it on a laptop without him having any idea.  My friend Beth said she wanted to see Bobby cry a bit when that came on, and I think he just might had. Our dear friend performed the ceremony, in which he became ordained to do, and did it with such grace.  It was everything I wanted, filled with friendship and love and in the most beautiful place to Bobby and I. And after the ceremony it was perfect and as we had envisioned. We went back to the lodge, Boulder Mountain Lodge, and had a beautiful dinner, surprised with a bottle of champagne called in by our friends in Tennessee (where we live) and a cake as another surprise by our families. We stayed up until about 1 in the morning in one of the rooms dancing and celebrating and having the best time! The following morning everyone hiked to Calf Creek Falls, on a perfect day.

More Details:
I wanted something that strayed away from the “traditional” bridal gown and I knew I wanted to wear boots! I adore fashion and the one thing I had always imagined was sheer bell sleeves. I just thought, Free People is entirely my style, western bohemian so I looked there.  Sure enough, that dress was mine and ordered within minutes of seeing it! Bobb  wore dark gray Dickies pants, Vans skate shoes and a button up J Crew oxford.  He looked so handsome! His boutonniere was made from a bmx tire as well- perfect for him. I have to say that I love my custom made tire garter.  Bobby is a third generation tire store owner, not to mention ex-pro BMX rider, so that was beyond awesome!

I am actually not a flowery kind of girl, but was so excited about the backdrop of the ceremony and second spot at the trailhead of Calf Creek Falls where we climbed around rocks and took additional pictures. In my mind, the backdrop was all that we needed. However, my sister in law, Jill made it even more special creating our bouquets and the guys’ great boutonnieres.  She even placed flowers, succulents and pops of color (via paint chips) along the aisle as extra décor.  That made me so happy and I cannot lie, I was quite excited about seeing that.

Advice to Future Brides:
Do whatever your heart desires.  People want to get involved and though it is so sweet, it can lead your vision astray.  I wore lace up boots and love that decision! Your wedding day should revolve around you and be as stress free as possible.  It should be one that you think about and immediately smile, so the more positive you can make it, and that means following your heart, then the better!

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Photography: Gordon Robinson Photography / Venue: Utah Desert / Other: Boulder Mountain Lodge / Catering: Hell’s Backbone Grill  / Garter: Brigid KO  / Flowers + Décor: Jill Fisher  / Hair: Jennifer Lipscomb / Hair Halo: White Orchid Bridal Dress: Free People

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