Trapp Family Lodge Wedding {Kathleen Landwerhle Photography}

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Sarah and Chris first caught each other’s eye in med school, and despite being clad in scrubs upon their first meeting, knew they had something special. They had a relaxed, playful wedding day at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont – an absolutely perfect place for an outdoorsy couple! The lodge overlooks Vermont’s rolling hills, Trapp’s gardens, and meadows of Scottish Highlander Cattle. Sarah spent most of the day carefree and barefoot in her breathtaking Anna Campbell gown. The summer ceremony was held in the Wedding Meadow as the sun lowered towards the Worcester Mountain range. Following the ceremony was a cocktail hour tucked in a birch tree cove and the evening concluded with a soft-lit tent reception – dozens of paper lanterns floating above. Read below for more details!

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Before the Ring (from the Bride):
Chris and I met in the Operating room. I was in my 4th year of medical school and he was finishing his anesthesia rotation. He was my resident teacher for the day. I could tell I liked him right away even in our scrub caps and masks. We started dating shortly after, and then spent a year dating across the country while I was doing my intern year in Emergency Medicine on the West coast and he was doing his Fellowship training on the East coast. We made many trips to visit for less than 24 hours, and then decided we had to be in the same place. So we moved to Montana.

The Proposal:
Our engagement was very fitting for us as a couple. We love the outdoors, being active, and our dogs. We went snowshoeing one day up in the Beartooth Mountains in Montana. It was a bluebird sky day, and had just snowed about a foot, and we brought our doggies with us. Chris bought these doggie backpacks and hid the ring in a pocket in Lucy’s backpack. We came to a clearing and he called me over to see if I wanted to give Lucy a treat. He got down on a knee, and was holding Lucy’s collar, and reached into her backpack…and instead of pulling out a doggie treat, he pulled out his grandmother’s ring to propose. He was covered in snow and it was really sweet. I said yes immediately. It was such a beautiful day, and moment, out in the mountains and in the snow with our puppies. I couldn’t have been happier!

The Dress:
I picked my dress out from a picture I had seen online- on Pinterest. The designer was Anna Campbell who owns a boutique in Australia. I emailed her and asked her to make me the dress. Chris took my measurements in the kitchen one night with a tape measure and I sent them to her and she made my dress. In about 4 months she sent me the dress and I had it adjusted in Bozeman.

The Venue:
We picked Trapp Family lodge in Stowe Vermont, because my family still lives in Vermont, I grew up there, and I think it’s one of the most gorgeous places in VT. There are trails to run and bike on. There are gorgeous pastures, and gardens. The staff and facility is amazing. And we wanted everyone to be able to stay there for the whole weekend. We found Kathleen online and she is fantastic. The cake and food were done by the Chef at Trapp Family Lodge. The flowers were done by Trapp family lodge as well.

Most Memorable Moment:
We love the Hawaiian version of the song “Somewhere over the rainbow.” Our musician was Josh Cho from NYC who is Hawaiian and plays the ukulele. He played the ukulele and sang “Somewhere over the rainbow” as I walked down the aisle. It was my favorite moment looking out at my husband to be.

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Photography: Kathleen Landwerhle Photography / Venue: Trapp Family Lodge / Bride’s Dress: Anna Campbell / Floral: Trapp Family Lodge / Catering: Trapp Family Lodge

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