Succulent Plant Wedding Inspiration

by in — Updated February 21, 2013

Succulents are an unexpected and beautiful alternative to traditional flowers for your wedding. They’re known for their thick and fleshy leaves (which are often arranged like petals) and their ability to retain water in arid climates. They make great earthy wedding favors as they travel well compared to say, potted herbs. Used as an accent they create a stunning visual composition in wedding bouquets, though you must be careful of how many you include in your arrangements as they can be heavier than typical flowers. Succulents can come in an astounding variety of shapes, sizes and colors, though many of them are a shade of green. They tend to pair well with shades of orange, peach, pink, and purple.

bright succulent wedding bouquet
teal + orange wedding
succulent centerpiece, cake
pink white yellow succulent bouquet
pink black spiky succulent bouquet
succulent wedding favors, succulent wall garden
rustic succulent wedding burlap bouquet

Succulent Plant Wedding Inspiration 3

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