10 Stylish Boho Send-Offs for the Newlyweds

by in , — Updated November 28, 2017
White feather + flowers for a fun send off
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Your send-off is like a launch-pad, rocketing you and your partner out into the world as a couple. You can do your send-off after the ceremony, or after the reception. Many brides worry that if they save their send-off for the end of the reception, there won’t be enough guests left. However, the right kind of send-off will carry an air of excitement about it, no matter how many people are there to do it! Here are ten exit ideas for your boho wedding:

  1. Lavender petal toss: The bonus is the sweet smell!
  2. Fall leaves: An environmentally friendly choice, great for the budget, and colorful too. Perfect for your autumn wedding.
  3. Sparklers: Check out heart shaped sparklers for a fun twist! These can be used in a rustic reception venue or outside.
  4. Streamers: Use bright colors that match your environment.
  5. Ribbon bell wands: The sound of the little bells attached to ribbon wands will amaze you!
  6. Environmentally friendly confetti: A twist on the traditional confetti. Chose one that is biodegradable.
  7. Feathers: Lovely white feathers floating through the air gives your send-off a dreamy quality.
  8. Birdseed toss: The birdies will love this one!
  9. Umbrella tunnel: Planning a spring wedding? Exit under bright yellow parasols or rain umbrellas.
  10. Bubbles: Create a playful end to the night. Great for a backyard wedding.
10 Epic Send-Off Photos That Don't Involve Rice - Fall Leaves
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Guests love participating in the send-off. It can be a great way to move from the ceremony to the reception portion of the evening, or to end the night. Do you already have a plan for your magical send-off? Care to tell us all about it? Leave a note below!

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