Stylish Striped Bridesmaid Dresses — Trending Now

by in — Updated January 11, 2022

Have you heard about the latest trend in bridesmaid dresses? Bold stripes are in, big time! Here’s everything you need to know about this new look.

Stylish Striped Bridesmaid Dresses -- Trending Now 1

The Bolder the Better

Narrow stripes can look busy and unflattering. The many lines create an optical-illusion effect that is not pleasing to the eye. Bold stripes, on the other hand, can be very flattering!

Horizontal Stripes Work Best

Choose horizontal stripes, over vertical or diagonal ones. When your bridesmaids are lined up together, the pattern of all of the dresses together looks gorgeous.

Short and Tea-length Dresses Balance the Look

Too many stripes can be overwhelming. Instead, consider a dress that stops at or above the knee, or is tea-length. This cuts down on the number of stripes, and can really balance the overall look of your bridal party.

Pair Skirts with Strapless Tops

A cute alternative to a dress is a skirt! Pair a striped skirt with a strapless top. The top should be a solid color, as the skirt will be the focus of the outfit. For more ideas or inspiration for more traditional bridesmaid dresses check out Cicinia.

Do you see why this look is so trendy right now? It’s fun, unique, and stylish. Do you think you might dress your ladies in stripes? Leave a comment below.

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